Best Of Forbes 2022: Vices | Forbes

2022 was a big year for vice coverage as states continued to legalize cannabis across the United States. We saw celebrities like Seth Rogen and Berner enter the space, and we drove all over California to explain how regulators botched state-wide legalization.

0:00 Seth Rogen Shares The Secret To Growing His Cannabis Brand Houseplant
06:21 How Sex, Drugs And Gambling Help Americans Cope With Covid
15:33 How America Botched Cannabis Legalization
37:58 Inside Seth Rogen’s Incredible Ashtray Collection
41:27 How Berner Built Cookies To Stand Out In The Cannabis Industry
46:24 What President Biden’s Cannabis Law Reform Means For The Legal Drug Industry
49:29 How World’s Most Productive Stoner Seth Rogen Found His Passion For Pottery

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