Best Pet CBD OIL For Dogs – How to Choose High Quality CBD products (Part 1)

How to choose the BEST CBD OIL, highest quality CBD oil. Many PET OWNERS ask…what is the BEST CBD OIL FOR PAIN, and what is the BEST CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY? Reading CBD product labels carefully, and following these guidelines, will assist the consumer in making healthy and intelligent choices for their pets. PLEASE CLICK SHOW MORE, FOR MORE…BULLET POINTS LISTED BELOW. THANKS! PLEASE SUBCRIBE.
The purpose of this short video is to offer quick, pratical guidelines for making smart CBD choices in today’s marketplace. Presented by Ryan and Dan from Whisker Biscuits and produced by Best Pet CBD.

Our Pets are our family members….Their health, safety, and happiness is very important to all of us. The following bullet points will help pet owners find high quality CBD products and the BEST HEMP OIL FOR DOGS and CBD FOR CATS.

1.) Make Sure It Contains CBD. It seems obvious, however, there are a multitude of products in the market place that DO NOT actually contain CBD (cannabidiol). Make sure the product you are buying actually contains CBD, generally listed in Milligrams.

2.) Make Sure Your Pet’s CBD Extracts Are Derived From Organically and Domestically Grown (USA) Hemp Plant And

3.) Make Sure The CBD Is Produced OR Distilled By A Laboratory Facility In The USA. A CBD product produced in the United States will generally be a higher quality item, then those made in many other countries

4.) For Pet Use There Must Be No Or 0% THC In The Product All CBD Oils and products intended for canine, feline, and others, MUST NOT contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC can produce a psychoactive effect in animals and must be avoided.

5.) CBD Oils or Extractions Must NOT Contain Dangerous Levels of; Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Solvents, Toxins, or Chemical Impurities. The precise chemical composition of CBD oils and extracts can be determined by examining certified lab reports or COAs.

6.) All CBD Products Must Have A Certificate Of Analysis (COA). It is critical that a CBD oil or extract product has a Certificate of Analysis. COAs TEST, VERIFY, and QUANTIFY, the chemical compositions and indicate the Absence of dangerous levels of pesticides, heavy metal, solvents, toxins, chemical impurities, and THC content.

7.) QR CODES – Look For Them On The Label. The presence of a QR code on the label of a CBD product is highly important for the consumer in today’s market place. QR Codes located on labels can be scannable by smart phones and smart devices to gain valuable information and data about CBD oils and extracts.
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8.) CO2 Extraction Method. CO2 extraction is the best method to produce high quality hemp and botanical extracts. This process is an efficient, safe, and environmentally superior means for distilling ultra-pure hemp and CBD oil complexes.