CBD Capsules v/s CBD Oil: Which one should you choose?

Being a consumer is tough when there are so many options.
Take CBD, for instance. So many choices to make! Broad-spectrum or isolate? THC or no THC? Edibles, capsules, or oils?
CBD comes in a number of different forms, capsules and tinctures being the most common.
Since they’re both taken orally, one could assume that they’re basically the same.
However, they’re very different and can be used in different ways too.

In this video, we’re going to cover what they are, the many ways they’re different, and then a review of all their features to help you make a choice.

0:00 0:41 Intro
0:42 – 1:09 What do CBD capsules and CBD oil drops contain?
1:10 – 1:20 The differences between CBD capsules and CBD drops
1:21 – 1:46 What is sublingual ingestion of CBD drops?
1:47 – 1:54 How do you take CBD capsules?
1:55 – 2:34 What is bioavailability?
2:35 – 2:49 What is the bioavailability of CBD Drops?
2:50 – 3:33 What is the bioavailability of CBD Capsules?
3:34 – 3:50 What is the onset time of CBD Drops?
3:51 – 4:04 What is the onset time of CBD Capsules?
4:05 – 4:13 How do CBD Capsules taste?
4:14 – 4:29 How do CBD Drops taste?
4:30 – 4:57 Is it easy to dose with CBD Drops?
4:58 – 5:14 Is it easy to dose with CBD Capsules?
5:15 – 5:29 The different ways you can take CBD Drops and Capsules
5:30 – 5:44 Are CBD capsules more convenient than CBD Drops?
5:45 – 6:43 Outro