CBD COP15 (Dec. 17): Creating an enabling environment to restore and protect our natural habitats

This event is part of the GEF Pavilion at biodiversity COP15.

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Biodiversity credits: creating an enabling environment to restore and protect our natural habitats
Saturday, December 17, 13:00 – 14:00 ET

The event will explore how the emerging demand for measurable biodiversity impacts from investors could lead to a global standard for measuring such impacts. At the same time, the discussion will explore to what extent unregulated, voluntary markets in which biodiversity credits would be traded could lead to the misinterpretation of impacts, as well as to put on the table the general principles that these projects should have in order to achieve real objectives of nature protection and restoration.

Sinclair Vincent – Director of Sustainable Development Innovation, Verra
Akanksha Khatri – Head, Nature Action Agenda, World Economic Forum
Tracy Farrell – Director, North American Region at IUCN and CPIC Executive Board Member

John Tobin – Professor of Practice of Corporate Sustainability, Cornell University and CPIC Executive Board Member


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