DR650 project: transforming the stock carburetor! (BST magic)︱Cross Training Adventure

Detailed instructions derestricting the DR650: carby mods, main jet, needle jet, grinding the header pipe weld, drilling the carby slide, carby spring mod, airbox mods, the GSXR exhaust pipe and mid-pipe. All the carby mods are BST Magic from auscanvet on teh DR650 forums. Brought to you by Full Force Racing Components. You quickly learn to respect the extra weight of the DR650 in sections like this that are hard enough on the dirt bikes. And the Suzuki DR650 comes highly restricted from the factory but will still pop the front wheel up everywhere even in the ridiculously high third gear if you read the Suzuki DR650 review. For some reason they outsourced to this design team for the DR650. Having said that, the DR650 modifications we’ve made to the DR650 have transformed the beast into a much better bike. If you are interested, watch our DR650 project bike series over on our adventure riding channel. It’s a bike that gives a whole new meaning to heavy metal. It’s hard work, but this DR650 is actually fun. The ultimate Suzuki DR650 review. Tyre shredding acceleration. Chain snapping torque. Bowel loosening thrills. Long recognised as the best motorcycle ever built in Suzuki DR650 reviews, it has also faced extreme prejudice due to its phenomemal power output. Seen as an unfair advantage, the DR650 has been banned from all major motosports including motocross, moto GP and enduro. Are you ready to risk your life for the ultimate ride on the DR650 epic enduro beast? We still don’t know the horsepower of the DR650 because it keeps breaking they dyno machine. Who created this absurdly powerful bike? It wasn’t the usual Suzuki engineers according to Suzuki DR650 reviews. The weight makes you really focus on your technique. And things like pivot turns in rocky terrain insist you get the technique right, or it just ain’t gonna happen. And the buzz of getting a big bike through some tough terrain is awesome. It also reinforces the fact that we usually put way too much emphasis on bling, or tyres, or suspension or the type of bike we are riding. The wheelie beast. I’ve owned a pile of different bikes and for some reason the old DR650 is the one that enjoyed itself with the front wheel in the air. Why? Buggered if I know. Designed back in the jurassic era, it’s one of the few dinosaurs left, just read the Suzuki DR650 reviews. Air cooled. Five speed. Cable clutch. It has barely changed since 1996. Yes those things can make a difference, but in the long run it’s far more important to learn the skills. A stock DR650 is a very uninspiring bike – gutless, crap suspension and heavy. But now the engine has been derestricted, FFRC have worked their magic on the suspension, and it’s time to pit the DR650 against some dirt bikes. While the DR650 does finally have some knobby tyres, they are the hard compound Dunlop D606s which aren’t known for being good in the dirt. And to make things worse, I forgot to get rim locks installed so the air pressure has to stay over 20PSI or the tyres will slip on the rims. It makes finding traction an interesting exercise, especially on hill climbs. It was very interesting to even see the dirt bikes occasionally make mistakes when the DR was having no problems. But it was often the other way around too. So there you have it. Many of you asked to see the DR650 on some of our tracks, and the big girl will probably feature a few more times too. Long live heavy metal. Oh and remember if you become a supporter you can access four extra ride vids each month. All for the cost of a cup of coffee. Or any caffeinated beverage. And far cheaper than a cocktail. And once you get stuck in a rut on the DR650, there is no bouncing out of it the way you can on a dirt bike… you are usually trapped in it till the end. I’ve done an entire series and Suzuki DR650 review on transforming the Suzuki DR650 into a kick arse adventure bike. Anything technical is complicated by the very high gearing. First gear on the DR650 is the equivalent of third gear on many dirt bikes so there’s plenty of clutch slipping to get the big bushpig over obstacles. Those of you familiar with Chris Birch will know he’s been racing a KTM 1190 in enduros. Crazy? Yes but I can see why he’s enjoying it. There is nothing like a huge lump of metal between your legs to make you focus, pick good lines, use your body positioning and get your technique right.

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