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Please see below for a full list of the individual English lessons and timestamps for each lesson to enable you to follow or skip to any lesson that you may wish to focus on or watch in the order that you may require.

Individual lessons in the video ⬇️
Vocabulary → 00:35
Phrasal Verbs → 42:20
Irregular Verbs → 01:09:31
Contractions → 01:37:48
Pronunciation ‘th’ words → 01:49:02
Pronunciation ‘ch’ words → 01:59:49
Pronunciation ‘oo’ words → 02:12:51
Pronunciation ‘ee’ words → 02:26:16
Synonyms → 02:38:35
Opposites → 02:49:44
Homophones → 03:06:30
Collective Nouns → 03:19:39

English lessons on how to learn vocabulary words, English grammar, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, synonyms words, homophones words, opposite words, English contractions, English collective nouns with English pronunciation, vowel sounds and consonant sounds from a native English teacher. Get started in learning English today!

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