Hemp Essential Oil: What Is It, What Does It Smell Like, & Why Organic Certification Matters

Recently we had the opportunity to visit SunGold Botanicals in Philomath, Oregon. The brainchild of Isaac Daniel and Josh Gulliver, SunGold Botanicals was created to address the lack of infrastructure to process hemp into certified organic full spectrum oil and other products. Today SunGold Botanicals plays a central role in the organic hemp community here in our home state and is one of the first Demeter-certified Biodynamic hemp processing facilities in the nation. We love that they champion third-party certifications to promote transparency and integrity in an industry that was once the wild west. Turn on your diffuser, sit back, and take a trip to this organic farm to see the botanicals they grow and hear about the wonderful aromatic qualities of their certified organic hemp essential oil.

Interested in trying Hemp Essential Oil? Click here: https://mountainroseherbs.com/hemp-essential-oil
To learn more about SunGold Botanicals, visit their website: https://www.sgborganics.com/

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