How To Buy + Sell Wholesale CBD | A day in the life of The Cherry Apothecary, Dallas, Texas

Here’s a brief look into the life of Chelsea DeVos, a pioneer in the CBD retail industry. She’s setting the standard for compassionate care is helping a lot of folks with a variety of issues at her store Cherry Apothecary. In this video you’ll learn about Chelsea’s story, how she helps her customers, and you’ll even get the chance to meet a a couple of first time CBD customers.

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Full Transcript:

Every single day I get to hear someone tell me that they’re feeling better, that they’re quality of life is improved.

I started my business in October 2016. I just had the dream and … which was getting this to people. I got really into it because my mom’s got epilepsy and I play with making her oils, and tinctures, and stuff so that she can have medicine to ingest instead of smoking it, it’s more powerful for epilepsy, and even with all that she was still suffering from episodes.

I tried everything. I went to all the companies. They’re saying this one will make you sleepy, and this one will wake you up, but no one could tell me why. Then, I met Carlos. Carlos Frias, Green Lotus guy … he was hitting the streets, and he had samples and lab reports. He could answer all my questions. He knew all the science around his company, was really transparent. Their quality, now that I’ve seen everything on the market, the Green Lotus quality is fricking superior. I haven’ seen any base product that’s higher quality than theirs. And, for the money … I mean, people that are doing full spectrum like they are … they’re charging two or three times the price. That’s why I don’t carry like 10 different brands of stuff. Why?

Suffered a back injury when I was about 20 years old, so it was a number of years ago. I’ve had surgery … a fused lower lumbar. And, since then, off and on, suffered nerve pain, sciatic pain. Heard about CBD products, and I thought I’d give it a try. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing some good results from this.

I’m looking for something to help me with my IBS. I’ve been suffering with it for many, many years. I’ve taken pills from my doctor. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t do anything for me. And, then, I heard about it. I was like, “Oh, my goodness. I have to come here and try it out.” So, I’m excited.

My quality of life has completely changed. Figuring out the highest quality CBD … that’s like step one. Then, helping people save money. Everybody’s in pain. Everybody’s trying to save money. I see the best results or I’ve experienced the best results or I’ve seen people have the best results if you just start real low. So, you start … because everyone’s chemistry is unique. So, you start with a really small amount, and then just gradually increase. And, the goal is trying to find any amount that gives you personally consistent relief everyday. That’s where the tinctures are so popular. Everybody starts in the sublingual. You can ingest the amount you wanna take. So, tinctures, capsules, gummies … ingesting it. That’s where I’m seeing people just getting the best results.