How to get a Medical Cannabis Card in Florida!! Quick and easy!!

Make it past the medical disclaimer and watch til the end if you want to LAUGH!

Dr. Andreoni, from Cannabis Doctors of Florida, explains how to obtain your Florida Medical Marijuana Certification and ID card in two simple steps!

STEP 1 – schedule an appointment for a MMJ evaluation [with me ;)]
STEP 2 – complete and submit the MMJ ID application!

And get ready, set, go! You’re on your way to the dispensary!

Intro – 00:20.00
Med disclaimer – 00:26:00
MMJ process – 00:52:00
Patient requirements – 01:11.00
Qualifying conditions – 01:25:00
FL seasonal residency documentation – 01:42.00
Step 1 detail – 02:05.00
Step 2 detail – 02:45.00
Dispensary discount guide – 03:45.00
MMj Cannabis Introduction guide – 04:00.00
Mock-Evaluation – 04:24.00
MMJ & pregnancy – 04:52.00



OMMU weekly updates:

Weekly Updates

Patient requirements:

Registry Identification Cards

Initial application instructions:

Logging in for the first time:

Application renew instructions:

FL MMJ Statutes:

This is for educational and entertainment purposes only! Please seek the advice of your physician for any medical conditions or diagnoses you may have. If I am your physician, then ok!

This video is NOT sponsored.
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