How to stop drinking alcohol / How I FINALLY got SOBER/ CBD oil and sobriety

How I was finally able to stop drinking alcohol with my four step process and substituting cbd oil for alcohol. How to get sober. After trying for years to quit, I finally made sobriety stick for good after taking these four steps. How I managed my anxiety and became sober using CBD. Willpower alone will not help you to stop drinking alcohol. My journey to sobriety.

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Here are four things I did that finally helped me to quit drinking alcohol. I’ve been trying to quit drinking for years, but I was doing it out of willpower alone and that only lasts so long.
I finally found that I needed four elements to be in place for sobriety to stick for me.
#1 – I connected to a strong emotional reason to quit
#2 – I found out why I was drinking
#3 – I found healthy replacements (part of this was CBD)
#4 – I found the beliefs that were making me fail and I reframed them

How CBD helped me to quit drinking – blog post

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