Season 2: CBD/THC Infused Local Honey

It’s time for episode three, season 2! In this video Chelsie and Chris show you how to decarb Hemp Flower, and Infuse Local Honey! The great thing about this recipe is you can change the Hemp Flower out for Cannabis, and the recipe will stay the same! Infused Honey is perfect for baking, and taste amazing when added to tea or coffee. Local Honey has a ton of amazing health benefits, it helps ease the symptoms of stomach flu, helps reduce season allergies, and is a natural antiseptic

Using a double broiler, add water into the bottom pan over high heat.
Once the water is boiling, turn the temperature down to low/medium heat and place the second pot on top of the water pot.
Add 1/2 cup of local honey and your decarbed Hemp or Cannabis flower into the pot. Stir well.
Set your timer for 45 minutes. Be sure to keep a close eye on this, so the heat doesn’t get to high. Stir every 10-15 minutes.
After the 45 minutes are up, using a strainer and cheese cloth strain your mixture.
Keep the Infused Honey stored in an airtight container, just like you would store any other honey! Enjoy!

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Intended for States with Medical or Recreational Laws. Please check the laws in your area before consuming Marijuana (THC). Must be 18+ for medical patients and 21+ for recreational patients.