The Best Way to Store Cannabis Seeds for Long-Term Usage

In this video I will be showing you the best way to store your cannabis seeds for later usage. This method has been claimed to keep seeds viable for up to 30 years, however I have yet to keep seeds for that long, and the fresher a seed is, the higher the chance of a successful germination.

To do this you will need seeds as well as a box, and optionally a fridge such as a wine fridge.

First off, make sure your seeds are stored in some sort of container, whether it is a vial, plastic bag or a seed envelope. Once this has been done, go ahead and put the seeds into the box, and then into a dark and dry place such as a closet.

You can also put the box with the seeds into a fridge, and wine fridges are typically used by breeders and dispensaries due to their low costs and small sizes. Keeping seeds cold slows down the aging process of the seeds, but is not necessary to store your seeds long term, however it is optimal.

And that is the best way to store cannabis seeds for long-term usage.

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