We Answered The Most Googled Questions About Cannabis | Part 2 | BOHECO India

When was Cannabis discovered? Where Cannabis was originated? When was Cannabis first used? When was Cannabis outlawed? There has been a lot of buzz around Cannabis leading to curiosity and the victim of many misconceptions. BOHECO’s Co-Founders Yash Kotak and Sumit Shah take some time out and answer the most googled questions about Cannabis.

00:00 – In the Previous Part
00:23 – Introduction
00:42 – When was Cannabis discovered?
01:14 – Where Cannabis was originated?
01:32 – When was Cannabis outlawed?
02:11 – Where Cannabis is grown other than India?
02:59 – When was Cannabis first used?
03:43 – Where is Cannabis legal to grow in India?
04:06 – When was Cannabis first cultivated?
04:30 – Where is cannabis used?

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Know more about the Single Convention Act

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