weed Just Got Legal in Thailand -buying marijuana in thailand

in this episode we hunting for best weed in Thailand yeah weed just got legal here and look like everyone was prepared for this day you can find everything you want Stay tune with us in this channel, I will share with you the travel vlogs and street tours, beach tours, camping, food blogging, as well as behind the scenes photography and making fashion clips.
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0:00 what you will see in this episode
1:33 intro Vlog start
3:39 vlog start
3:45 420 anthem disjointed
4:20 Easter egg for stoner
4:55 taste bananas weed strain
6:30 tour around rasta bar (smoke bar) phuket
7:15 continued
8:25 Angelo Destevens or Steve Deangelo ?! (Angelo meet Olivia shit balls )
10:36 Dank and Dabby coughing vs Beh coughing
11:00 Steve Deangelo
11:20 Bro are you High meme
12:00 high AF
13:25 Stoner High funny moments
14:00 sunset time-lapse tour outisde of bar phuket
15:20 outro

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