What is The Strongest CBD Oil?

If you are taking CBD for your health or want to start, you may be searching for the strongest CBD oil. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the strength of a CBD oil – and though it might come as a surprise, it’s not as simple as how much CBD is in the bottle.

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To find the strongest CBD oil, start by learning the labels. CBD tinctures are almost always labeled based on the total amount of CBD in the bottle rather than the amount of CBD per serving. The reason for this is because a serving size may vary from person to person. Your ideal dose may be a 1/4 of a dropper while someone else may take 1 full dropper (usually 1 ml).

When you buy a CBD tincture:

Notice the amount of CBD in the bottle. This is usually on the front label in mg.

Determine the size of the bottle, usually in ml.

Confirm that 1 dropper is 1 ml.
Divide the amount of CBD in the bottle by the size of the bottle.

This way, you’ll know how much CBD is in one full dropper.

Hempure CBD includes the amount of CBD per mL on the nutritional label so you’ll always know how much CBD you’re getting per serving.

Finding the highest potency CBD oil is not only about finding the highest number of CBD on the label. It is also about actually determining the potency of the CBD in the bottle. A 2 milliliter 500 mg dose is exactly the same potency as a 1 milliliter 250 mg dose.
For example, Hempure’s 10 ml 500 mg vape oil bottle has 50 mg of CBD per serving, while Hempure’s 30 ml 1000 mg vape oil bottle has 33.3 mg of CBD per serving.

Determining the potency of your CBD oil is important when you’re getting started with CBD. Because you want to be able to measure how much you’re taking and then increase that amount, you need to be able to accurately determine what dosage you’re taking.

You may not need the highest potency CBD oil when you first begin. Once you find out how much CBD is in the oil you have purchased, begin increasing the amount of CBD you’re taking until you get to an amount that works well for you. Have fun experimenting and determining what amount of CBD is the best for you.

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