When Cannabis Meets Ayurveda Ft. Abhishek Mohan

This week on Shunya One, Shiladitya is accompanied by Abhishek Mohan, Founder & CEO, HempStreet. The HempStreet business is the nation’s largest and first research-to-retail cannabis company that aims to tackle mass ailments in India.
Abhishek talks about the journey of HempStreet, with the intent of creating a remedy for menstrual cramps by using adequate amounts of cannabis. He talks about how the western world has slowly started moving towards Ayurveda especially post COVID. He also talks about how cannabis has always been part of Ayurveda, while also highlighting India as one of the federally legal countries to use cannabis in medications. Further, he also touches upon how they regulate their products and use blockchain technology to track their products. Tune in to the episode to know more!

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