Wholesale Oil Prices Fall Nationwide (it must be harvest season again!)

If Federally legal, the largest current oil arbitrage opportunity would be from Arizona to Alaska. Buying oil in AZ as low as $7 per gram and selling it in AK for over $37/g would yield over $13,000 in profit per pound, IF LEGAL!

Wholesale oil prices of cannabis & hemp have fallen since last year, reflecting rising oil production nationwide that has more than offset an uptick in sales amid the pandemic.

Canada is seeing a growing discrepancy between sales of cannabis 2.0 products and inventory in spite of sales implying an annualized market worth more than CA$2.9 billion. Canadian sales of legal adult-use cannabis grew by 5.2% from July to August, reaching a monthly total of 244.9 million Canadian dollars ($186.9 million). Month-over-month sales growth fell from 50% earlier in the year to 9.5% in May and 11% in June. The data also shows sales growth of marijuana 2.0 products slowed as distribution became more widespread.

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Wholesale Cannabis Price Index

Wholesale Cannabis Price Index For The Week Ending On November 6th

Wholesale marijuana, hemp oil prices fall nationwide
Canadian cannabis sales
Supply glut grows for Canadian edibles, dried cannabis

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